The kids love 'im
First appearance License Registration Day
Personal Information
Status Living
Real name Unknown
Occupation Advertiser
Notable Characteristics It's just a boar
Arching Information
Alignment Protagonist
Status Active
Affiliation(s) The Order of Order
Physical Attributes
Power Level Unknown
Classification Non-Human
Age 6
Gender Male
Height 2' 11"
Weight 498 lbs.

CALYDON is a wild boar that wears a sash covered in product placements and endorsements. His actual abilites are unknown, but everyone likes him!

Background and DevelopmentEdit

Seen in line behind Action Squid Jackson at the Secretary of State in License Registration Day.

Personality and RelationshipsEdit

Fairly tame for a wild boar. Seems to get along well with most people.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • CALYDON is a reference to the Calydonian Boar, a creature of Greek mythology.