Doc Hazzard
Tried to make a bust out of his own shit, once
First appearance HENCH! (Episode)
Voiced by Garrett
Personal Information
Status Deceased
Real name Franken Hanzel Hazzard, Ph.D
Arching Information
Alignment "Protagonist"
Status KIA
Affiliation(s) The Order of Order
Position Special Squad Member
Nemesis Drazzah Cod
Physical Attributes
Power Level Unknown
Classification Peak Human
Age 42 (at death)
Gender Male
Height 5'11
Weight 160 lbs.

Doctor Franken Hanzel Hazzard, better known as Doc Hazzard, was the ingenious, mentally insane, self-employed superscientist and member of The Order of Order's Special Squad. Before his...untimely death, Doc Hazzard was regarded as an ingenious scientist and avid inventor to some, despite his obvious mental insanity, and as a mass murderer and war criminal to many others.    

Background and DevelopmentEdit

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Personality and RelationshipsEdit

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