The Dying Flame
Voiced by Quinten
Personal Information
Status Living
Real name Rubin Holt
Nickname(s) Phil
Notable Characteristics Can utilize pyromancy, chain smokes, highly skilled ex-special forces combatant
Arching Information
Alignment Protagonist
Status Active
Affiliation(s) The Order of Order
Position Burn Squad Commander
Physical Attributes
Power Level Superhuman
Classification Augmented Peak Human
Age 47
Gender Male
Ethnicity Greek
Culture American
Height 6' 7"
Weight 220 lbs.

Forged from the heat of battle and the Pyres of Hades, Smokestack brings the fiery inferno down upon those who would dare cross his path.


Tall, bronze-skinned, and almost perfectly built. Usually wears his Burn Squad uniform, which consists of a layer of black flame-retardant spandex covered by high-grade bulletproof material, with an outer mesh of combat gear such as grenades, med kits, spare tanks, communicators, etc.

Background and DevelopmentEdit

Rubin Holt was an incredibly physically-fit youth. He joined up with the U.S. Marine Corps right out of high school, where he served two consecutive tours of duty overseas. Twice was he wounded, yet this only pushed him further to succeed. After his career as a soldier was over, Rubin was chosen as part of a top-secret military research project into whole body teleportation.

Hired as part of the research lab's defense team, he was caught in the middle of an accident resulting from a teleportation device being activated. Being the only found survivor, Rubin ended up in Boise, thousands of miles away from the lab. He seemingly appeared after a matter of seconds after the teleporter was activated, claiming to have been gone for months.

After this incident, Rubin began to exhibit strange anomalous properties. He soon came to the attention of The Order of Order and was detained for observation. Although he would never go on to reveal exactly what occured in his absence, it became clear that he had somehow learned the ancient sorcerous art of pyromancy, and was now able to bend the forces of fire to his will. It was also discovered then that due to his long-time smoking habits, he had developed lung cancer, which was unrelated in any way to his flame-bending abilities. This being around the early days of The Order's formation, he became leader of the Burn Squad, an elite task force specially equipped to deal with the destruction and safe cover-up of The Order's more lucrative activities.

Abilities and WeaknessesEdit


  • Highly adept at hand-to-hand physical combat as a result of military training
  • Able to use minor Pyromancy
    • Fireball - A standard roiling ball of flesh searing white-hot flames
    • Flame Spout - A 15 ft. jet of flame sprays out of Smokestack's hand in a 45° arc
    • Immolation - Smokestack's body is completely engulfed by flame, damaging everything except him
  • Equipped with a high-quality flamer and smoke grenades


  • Has lung cancer, and although the chemo seemed to beat it into remission, it has returned
  • Water can instantly put out his flames or damage his equipment

Personality and RelationshipsEdit

  • Commander of The Order of Order's Burn Squad
  • Shares a somewhat strained relationship with Impossum, due to the strange man's ability to replicate uncontrollably

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Smokestack's mother's side is from Greece, while his father's family is American. He was born in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.