The Græy Genie
Make a Wish
Voiced by Kevin
Personal Information
Status Living
Real name Unknown
Nickname(s) Græy, The Nue Guy, Art
Aliases Arthur Nueman, Ph.D
Occupation Philosophy Professor
Notable Characteristics Neutral, Apathetic, Indecisive
Arching Information
Alignment Neutral
Status Active
Affiliation(s) Neutral
Position Wizard
Arches He doesn't really think about it
Nemesis Thought about it once
Physical Attributes
Power Level Superhuman
Classification Homo Magi
Age Neutral
Gender Neutral
Ethnicity Neutral
Culture Neutral
Height 5'8"
Weight 70 kg.



By day, a somewhat dull-looking man with black, graying hair. Usually wears grey khakis, a gray shirt, and a nice-looking sweater-vest.

By midday, The Græy Genie, a man who looks the same, can fly, and wears a gray robe. It probably has Latin on it or something, he didn't care to tell me.

By night, in his pajamas, asleep.

Background and DevelopmentEdit

This stuff

Abilities and WeaknessesEdit


  • No strong feelings one way or the other
  • Subconscious mind automatically grants wishes, giving him extra power


  • Does not care

Personality and RelationshipsEdit

  • Neutral

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Gray is how it's spelled in America
  • Grey is how it's spelled in the UK
  • Græy does not care